Based on historical events, Prelude in Black and Green is a novel about a Jewish family in Bucharest, Romania in the increasingly unstable 1930s. Life is still enjoyable, but there are disturbing signs of growing anti-Semitism. The title refers to the Iron Guard, the ultra nationalistic, Romanian Fascist organization whose members wore green shirts with black pants. Prelude in Black and Green puts forward new insight into the question of why many Jews didn’t leave Europe earlier to protect themselves.

“Profoundly moving and timely. Highly recommended.” Barbara Fleck, Paladino

“A rare glimpse into the gathering unrest prior to World War II. If this were a movie, I would be on the edge of my seat.” Carole Paul

“Heartbreaking and evocative.” Sally Ann Bailey

“Author Ada Nicolescu brilliantly, vividly and profoundly brings us back in time through the characters in this story that have strong flashback images that reveal their pasts and help illuminate the future to help the reader become part of the journey that this closely-knit family takes when Hitler’s voice is heard too loud, when the Iron Guard takes hold of many of the young, and the world is about to persecute many at hands of a shortsighted few.  With an ending that will surprise the reader and a family whose lives will never be the same, the author delivers a story that will bring tears to your eyes…This is one story that must be told…I give this book five gold stars.” —